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Our Capital Campaign 

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We need more space! So, we have launched the "Building-Up" Campaign with the goal of raising $725,000, which will allow us to pay off a $225,000 mortgage and to & build up eight more units debt-free and house eight more families.

Our Budget Plan:

  1. $225,000 will be going toward the remaining balance of the house mortgage

  2. $500,000 will be going towards the building of the 8 NEW units upstairs!

Here at the NATASHA House, we receive around 30 calls a month and complete 15 applications, but we currently have to add them to the waiting list. Our waiting list has more than 15 families.

Be a Part of the "Build-Up" Campaign--GIVE TODAY!

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Debt Free in 2023

Funds donated here are used to pay off the mortgage.

The Natasha House for Capital Campaign.png

Building Up

Funds donated here go towards the eight new suites!

Adopt a suite program.png

Adopt A Suite

Funds donated here gives you naming rights, helps in underwriting the cost of their stay and training, and enables us to offer services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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