Seed 2 Table
Seed 2 Table Careshare Program

The Seed 2 Table Enterprise Program (S2T) is our on-site career-readiness horticulture education and therapy community supported agriculture (CSA) program.  

This programs employ a systems thinking approach designed for clients to experience a supportive environment that places them in a position of authority as co-managers, who are not only learning interpersonal and transferable skills to seek employment beyond NATASHA House. 

Currently, our S2T enterprise provides weekly training in project management (CSA)  for both our moms and children. We use organic methodologies without synthetic pesticides to grow and sell fresh sell fresh produce subscriptions called Careshares to the community for a 18-wk Growing Season (Jun-Nov).  

Weekly, NHI families perform horticulture duties, provide vegetables for the community, and receive fresh vegetables for their families. This access to healthy alternatives and nutrition education help alleviate physical health issues such as malnutrition, obesity, anemia, and chronic illness that homelessness often perpetuate.