Transitional Housing Works in Providing Second Chances

December 3, 2019

Transitional housing has the ability to heal, uplift and transform the lives of women and their children. In addition to shelter and food, transitional housing enriches and develops the emotional, psychological, and physical states of residents.

Through in-house and external programs, women are taught sustainable, independent living and how to maintain a healthy household. Their children are nurtured and learn how to advocate for themselves and become positive, self-reliant members of society. 

Transitional housing is more than just a shelter, it’s an integral part of the rehabilitation and reinstitution of stable, healthy homes. Households that are secure and balanced, that facilitate positive growth and learning for all members. 

The NATASHA (“New Alternative Toward A Secure Home Atmosphere”) House knows the power that a transitional home can have on a family and since it’s opening in 2010, has given second chances to over 50 women with children in the Hampton Roads area.  

Though a small organization, NATASHA house has made a huge impact with over 80% of former residents maintaining permanent housing after completing the programs, activities, and mentorships provided by the transitional home for rehabilitation. In addition, women who have moved into their own housing continue to participate and contribute to the transitional home by maintaining engagement in key NATASHA House programs like HomeMakers.

Continual support from transitional homes is a key element for success after mothers move out of the home and into their own permanent living arrangement. Follow up initiatives that focus on maintaining independent living and healthy family dynamics allow and encourage the women to meet and achieve the goals they set for themselves and their children when they first entered the home. Through a solid support system, NATASHA  House residents actualize successful, substantial, healthy second chances for them and their children.

Transitional housing is an important pillar of the community. Unlike traditional shelters or rapid permanent rehoming, transitional housing addresses more than the obvious need of shelter for women and their children. Transitional housing allows families to heal and develop so they can grow and move forward confidently. Transitional housing investigates the triggers and situations that led to the displacement of a family, and through programs and initiatives, works to help the family overcome barriers and achieve balanced living. 

Transitional housing works and has successfully given second chances to many women in the Hampton Roads area. Help the NATASHA House continue supporting women and their children achieve the second chance they deserve, donate or volunteer today. 

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