The Bridge #14 (Spring/Summer 2020)

May 29, 2020

Our Response to the COVID-19

NHI Family Members, we know it’s hard not to dwell on the "State of Emergency" with the COVID-19 Pandemic; however, together we will"overcome & change" this narrative and use this unprecedented crisis to strengthen our communities.  In response to the Pandemic, NATASHA House (NHI) has closed its doors to volunteers, visitors, and activities but we continue to house our seven families.  

Additionally,donations are down since we had to cancel several major fundraisers, so we need your help!   Although, we have applied for more than 20 grants and a variety of Emergency Assistance Funds, including the PPL/P in order to continue serving our clients, but we continue receiving denials because NHI is not considered a "front-line" service provider.  Therefore, your donations will make a difference in changing the lives of our mothers and children!

Mother & Children Update:

Even though this pandemic has seemed to put a downer in our start of the year, we are still accomplishing things.

·  Two of our moms are graduating out of the program and have found their very own home.

·  We have hosted Financing sessions with our mother about budgeting and setting goals during this pandemic through Zoom.

·  We have received a thoughtful donation of computer so that the children in the house can still receive tutoring online.

A “Crossing the Bridge” Graduate Update:    

"It's been 3years since I have lived in the NATASHA House. Fast forward now, my daughter goes to an incredible school in the Hampton Roads area and is a phenomenal reader. She recently just received the principal award for reading. I am still working full time, but also operating my personal business part-time. My business consists of talking to other women who have encountered the Single Mom Journey and need resources as I did.  We have been living in our home for3 years now and soon plan to become homeowners. These past three years have been incredible and I believe Natasha House has played a huge role in me and my daughter's life."   Audrey P.

All of our events have been canceled due to the Pandemic and we are only accepting the following donations on Tues and Thurs between (11am & 4pm). Please call (757) 898-1993 before you come.

·       Paper towels

·       Hand sanitizer

·       Bleach

·       Epsom salt

·       Copy paper

·       Card stock

·       Postage stamps

·       Gently used shoes (for our shoe drive)

Ways to help:

1.    Donate to our COVID-19 Funding Campaign

2.    Donate to our Make “IT” Happen Campaign software & equipment for on-line tutoring & training

3.    Accept the 10x10x10 challenge and share with 10 of your friends/family/coworkers

Mark your calendar to join us for our  1st ever Virtual Gala (More details coming)


-From the ENTIRE NATASHA House Family


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