NATASHA House Produces Homemade Goods for the Community

December 3, 2019

The NATASHA House, through it’s in-house programs, provides hands-on skill development for its residents. Women in the house, and even former residents, participate in producing homemade goods that support the house and its mission.

The skills the women learn also gives them a path and playbook for developing and creating their own goods to sell through small business ventures. Allowing them to explore a new avenue for providing for their families and maintaining a stable home environment. 

In addition to the benefits the goods provide NATASHA House and its residents, which are grown, produced, and created at the NATASHA House, they also provide organic, green options for the community. The food comes directly from their garden, freshly picked at the perfect time. Their bath products are mixed in their kitchen, by hand, with much attention and care. 

To support the NATASHA House and their mission, consider replacing a product you already purchase with the NATASHA House equivalent. If you love buying spiced rubs or jams, buy those items from the NATASHA House instead of a chain grocery store. If you love bath salts for a perfect self-care day, then try out their natural homemade bath salts. 

The homemade goods the NATASHA House produces are varied, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here is a list of the products you can purchase from the NATASHA House: 


  • Bath Salts
    Enjoy natural, homemade bath salts infused with essential oils. Perfect for a relaxing bath after a long day, or to prepare for the week ahead, the bath salts scents include lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus.

  • Natural Air Fresheners
    Freshen the air in your home or office with natural, chemical-free air fresheners. Uplift your mood with lavender, lemon, or eucalyptus scented fresheners.

  • Dryer Balls
    Add a soft scent to your clothes naturally with homemade dryer balls. The all-natural dryer balls come in lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus.

  • Lemon DeLite Cookies
    Delight your taste buds and experience the sweet and tart flavor of the Lemon DeLite Cookies. This cookie is perfect for any time of the day and any season.

  • Universal Rubs
    Add a hint or a punch of flavor with the NATASHA House universal rubs. During your next barbecue or party, for mild flavor pick up Soulful Season and for heat, grab Sassy Season.


  • Salsas
    While the vegetables are in season, NATASHA House residents produce fresh, flavorful salsas. For your next gathering, or for your personal enjoyment, chose the Verde’ salsa or the Chocolate Roma salsa, or both! 

  • Jams
    Elevate your toast with the NATASHA House jams. With berry and tomato jams, there is something for both the sweet lover and the savory lover.

In addition to the products above, you can also receive fresh produce during the harvest season by becoming a member of the NATASHA House Careshare program. Careshare members enjoy fresh, delicious produce picked from the NATASHA House garden from June to November.

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