HomeMakers Empowerment Program: A Bridge to Wholeness

December 3, 2019

NATASHA (New Alternative Towards A Secure Home Atmosphere) House is a transitional home for women-led homeless families that empower and equip them to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through in-house programs and activities.

The pillar program, HomeMakers creates a “Bridge to Wholeness,” giving women the resources to build their own path to healing and independence.                                                                                                        Women who contact NATASHA House for either residency or outreach services are able to participate in the HomeMakers program.  NATASHA House works to enhance the quality of life for both its residents and outreach clients by ensuring that at least 80% of its enrollees graduate the program.

A Bridge to Wholeness 

HomeMakers tackles the emotional, physical, and financial literacyneeds of women through training modules that cover career and finance planning,soft skills, body education and lessons on current technological trends. Themodules are:

  • CARP (Career Assessment Research Pursuit Training)
  • HELP (Health Empowerment Literacy Program)
  • BRAVO (Behavior, Relationship, Attitude, Values, & Outcomes)
  • FIT (Financial & Technology (IT) Literacy Training)

Through HomeMakers, within the first 10 daysof acceptance into the program, the women establish their HomeMakersEmpowerment LifeWork Plan. The plan includes short and long termpersonal, family, financial, and career goals. The women are also scheduled forweekly meetings with a social worker and monthly meetings with the HomeMakerscoordinator to ensure they remain accountable and focused on their goals.

Within the first 30 days of acceptance, the women are scheduled for a financial assessment and counseling session. In the sessions, they establish their financial and permanent housing goals and are scheduled for weekly meetings with a financial counselor who provides a weekly budget plan and holds them accountable for their spending and savings goals.

Crossing the Bridge - Homebound    

The second part of the HomeMakers program addresses the women’s financial stability and housing needs through new and continuing modules. The modules are: 

  • FIT (Financial & Technology (IT) Literacy Training)
  • CARP (Career Assessment Research Pursuit Training)
  • HIP (Homeowner Investment Preparation)

The women continue to achieve their goals and begin developing and implementing their “Crossing the Bridge” transition plan. The transition plan prepares them for permanent housing and requires them to attend regular Homeowners Club meetings. The meetings include resident leadership training, pre-rental education, and purchase education. If applicable, they can also participate in lending education, post-purchase education, and foreclosure prevention.

HomeMakers equips women with career and life-skills to break their own homeless cycle and achieve and maintain permanent housing or homeownership. The success of the program is attributed to its proven systematic approach that provides 128 hours of deliberate, purposeful program certification training for the women.   


NATASHA House is purposed to intervene in the cycle of homelessness of women-led families by providing on-site transitional housing for up to two years. Residents also receive comprehensive rehabilitative services through programs, like the HomeMakers Program, with the goal of preparing women, and their children, to become self-sufficient, family-oriented, civically engaged, career-minded homeowners.  

The NATASHA House offers three programs—HomeMakers for women, CHAMPS for their children, and Seed 2 Table, which is a horticulture education and therapy project. 

Support NATASHA House and give women-led families in the Hampton roads area the second chance they deserve.

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