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How We Serve

We fulfill our mission by providing safety, shelter, and nutritional physical needs, unconditional support through in-house and outreach programs for emotional wholeness, educational opportunities and lessons, and restorative healing to reach successful independence. We equip women with the career & life-skills to break their own homeless cycle and achieve and maintain self-esteem through 3 main programs.


Our HomeMakers Program trains and prepares mothers to take on the full responsibility of being a homeowner and provider. This is achieved through community support, collaboration, resources, intensive case management, intentional training, and individualized lifework planning; so that mothers master skills in housing, financial, and health literacy.

Members of the community can attend HomeMakers and CHAMPS programs without living in our home. We serve the community with Seed2Table Market with CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture), our products, and training and employment through our commercial kitchen. Members of our community can buy our-all organic products from our Seed2Table program during our 18 week growing season! Our outreach services for former in-home families include 3, 6, 9, and 12 month check-ins after leaving the home and monthly meetings with social care workers through our FollowCare program.


Our C.H.A.M.P.S. (Character, Honesty, Appreciation, Morals, Perseverance, Service) Program is our youth character development, mentoring, and creative Arts healing program designed to enrich homeless and/or at-risk youth with the qualities they need to become successful individuals & entrepreneurs. 


Seed2Table Market

Seed2Table, our on-site career-readiness horticulture education and therapy community supported agriculture (CSA) program, includes weekly training in project management for both our moms and children. Weekly, NHI families perform horticulture duties, provide vegetables for the community, and receive fresh vegetables for their families.

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