Homemakers Program

HomeMakers is an acronym which means: Healing; Ownership; Motivation;Empowerment; Mentoring; Alignment; Knowledge; Encouragement; Reverence; Service.

The HomeMakersProgram (HMP) was created using systems thinking approach to empower & inspire both resident and outreach clientsto become self-sufficient, family-oriented, civically engaged homeowners. Fulfilling one of the main goals of NATHASHA House, the program trains and prepares mothers to take on the full responsibility of being a homeowner and provider. This is achieved through community support, collaboration, resources,intensive case management, intentional training, and individualized lifework planning; so that mothers master skills in housing, financial, and health literacy.

NATASHA House delivers its services via a host of community partners committed to inspire women to become self-sufficient homeowners.  We serve female-headed families and at-risk youth by providing on-site transitional housing up to 2 yrs—residency and comprehensive rehabilitative, supportive services—outreach—HMP that requires clients to create goals with focused and intentional actions steps.

Our Programs equip women with the career & life-skills to break their own homeless cycle and achieve and maintain self-sufficiency via our proven 128 hrs of deliberate a using 2-part systems thinking training.  

The HMP offers three segments—HMP for women, CHAMPS for the children,& the Seed 2 Table Enterprise (S2TE) a horticulture career-readiness education and therapy Certificate & Ag-STEAM Program that promotes the following: 1) Housing, Financial& Health literacy 2) career & lifework planning 3) civic engagement 4) follow-through

Our follow-through services conducts 3, 6, 9, and 12-month check-ins after residents transition into permanent housing. The transition process from NHI to their own residence also includes an exit interview, support consultations, and encouragement to give back through volunteer service with the NATASHA House,and enrollment in the Followcare program which adds monthly home visits,case-management, and attending some NHI weekly sessions.