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The Bridge #14 (Spring/Summer 2020)
NHI Family Members, we know it’s hard not to dwell on the "State of Emergency" with the COVID-19 Pandemic; however, together we will "overcome & change" this narrative and use this unprecedented crisis to strengthen our communities. Check out ways that you can help during this time!
May 29, 2020
Transitional Housing Works in Providing Second Chances
Transitional housing works and has successfully given second chances to many women in the Hampton Roads area. Help the NATASHA House continue supporting women and their children achieve the second chance they deserve, donate (link to the donate page) or volunteer (link to volunteer page) today. 
December 3, 2019
Optimize Your Workweek: Practice Self-Care on Sundays
Make the most out of your workweek by engaging in Sunday self-care. Choose the activities that best fit your needs and lifestyle, and make a conscious effort to complete them each week. You’ll find yourself renewed and ready to take on the week every Monday. An optimized, healthy life starts with caring for and looking after yourself.
December 3, 2019
NATASHA House Produces Homemade Goods for the Community
The NATASHA House, through it’s in-house programs, provides hands-on skill development for its residents. Women in the house, and even former residents, participate in producing homemade goods that support the house and its mission.
December 3, 2019
HomeMakers Empowerment Program: A Bridge to Wholeness
NATASHA House is purposed to intervene in the cycle of homelessness of women-led families by providing on-site transitional housing for up to two years. Residents also receive comprehensive rehabilitative services through programs, like the HomeMakers Program, with the goal of preparing women, and their children, to become self-sufficient, family-oriented, civically engaged, career-minded homeowners.
December 3, 2019