Adopt-A-Room Pledge

Most mothers arrive at NATASHA House with the clothes on their backs and suitcases and bags filled with their most precious possessions. Our average client brings two children with her and will stay with us from eight months to over a year. (They can stay for up to 2yrs.) At NATASHA House, we graciously provide All of our families with a New beginning; an Alternative for what was; TO what can be; And a Secure Home created for them where the; Atmosphere will bring WHOLENESS because God embraces and we build "a bridge to wholeness! NATASHA House's Adopt-a-Room project is a unique way for you, your family, or your organization to help us offer the safe and comfortable environment where families can heal and thrive—"a Bridge to Wholeness". 

$5,000 adopts a room for one year and $10,000 or more adopts a room for two years. By adopting a room, your financial support helps with operational costs that supply our residents with those everyday things that so many of us take for granted-like a safe, dry, and warm/cool place to live, water, electricity, towels, a bed, sheets, pillows, and other essential daily living items. Upon receipt of your "adoption pledge," we will contact you to schedule a room dedication at NATASHA House which includes a plaque displaying your name, our organization's name, or the name of the person/s you designate to be Honored/Remembered, and a photo opportunity. Because we must respect our families' confidentiality, your photo will be taken in the NATASHA House Foyer but we will provide you with a keepsake picture of your adopted room and a quarterly update. Additionally, as we approach the end of your adoption year/s you will be given the opportunity to renew your adoption. Thank you. 

Adopt-A-Room Pledge Form

Please print name(s) as you would like it to appear in NATASHA House's publications and on your room's plaque. Additionally, please complete the pledge donation before submitting the form.
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